Therapy for Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive Persons take in and process more information than others about the world around them.

For you, life is a more intense experience.

Our culture does not value sensitivity and emotional intensity. As a result, like me, you may have grown up thinking something was wrong with you. You may be trying to “get over” your sensitivities in order to fit in.

But what if they are not a handicap, but strengths that can be cultivated?

My goal is to help you understand your uniqueness in a totally new way -- a gift that's critically necessary for the wholeness of our world.

More and more, the world needs the sensitives, the empaths, the emotional ones, the outsiders, the spiritual seekers, and the intuitives -- those who see things a little differently.

As a Highly Sensitive Person and an empath myself, I want to help you thrive.

Interested in learning about how it works? Schedule a 15 minute consultation, call: 415-377-9766

Inspiration. Encouragement. Community. Nature.
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“Fear is the cheapest seat in the house.
I’d like to see you in better living conditions.”

- Hafiz -