Radical Resilience for Neurodivergent and
Highly Sensitive People

For you, life is more intense.

Way. More. Intense.

You see more, feel more, hear more, think more, sense more than those around you.

It’s a lot. And it doesn’t turn off.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have grown up believing something was wrong with you. You may have spent years trying to “get over '' your intensity, your vast and wild attention, your extra sensitivities, your introversion, your peculiar tendencies, your awkwardness. You may have spent a lifetime trying to fit in and be “normal”-- only to end up burnt out and demoralized.

I get it. I’ve been there.

I am not here to help you do “better”within systems that don’t work for you.

I’m here to help you understand, embrace and advocate for your needs and claim your uniqueness so that you can offer your true gifts - not your coping strategies - to the world.

Get Help With What Matters Most to You

Some of the places I help folks include

Orienting to life as a late-discovered neurodivergent human (autistic, ADHD, AuDHD, SPD, and more)
Neurodivergent parenting and partnering
Navigating the intersections of gender-, sexual-, and neuro-expansiveness
Trauma recovery and resilience (it’s different for us)
Grief and loss
Addiction and codependency recovery
Major life transitions and transformations
Living with depth and purpose in a time of cultural and ecological change

Neurodiversity is Biodiversity

It is as critical for the wellness of humanity as the diversity of any ecosystem.

I believe that you were made for these times. That you and your exquisite sensitivities were dreamed into being by the universe for a reason. I am dedicated to supporting the creation of a world where you and all of life can thrive.

Together we will create a therapy that is unique to your needs

We will go at your pace and in the way that works best for your nervous system.

You aren't alone and you deserve support.

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