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Women's Journey Groups

9 am - 11 am on the first Friday of each Month at a private residence in Mill Valley

Women's groups are on summer hiatus and will be starting up again in the Fall. For more information about the San Francisco or Marin group, please contact me.

In these turbulent times, it can be hard to take the time to be present with yourself and others. You may feel like you're "going through the motions." Surviving, but not truly living.

These intimate gatherings provide a regular opportunity to pause and honor the deeper rhythms of your inner life, connect with your inner wisdom, other women, and the natural world that supports you. A time to come back to life.

During these groups, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Form deep relationships with like-minded, like-spirited women
  • Share authentically from the heart in a safe and supportive environment
  • Access your deeper intuition through guided meditation and drum journey practices
  • Gain support from the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth and learn how to work with them to support your personal process
  • Give and receive support
  • Honor personal transition and change through group ritual and ceremony

 What others say about their experience:

"Emily answers the profound longing felt by so many women I know - longing for authentic connection with other women, longing to ignite and stoke their feminine energy and power, and longing for a sinking into alignment with life cycles and earth's rhythms."

- Amanda, graphic designer, and mother in San Francisco

"She creates a beautiful, warm and safe space for women to slip into their natural vulnerability. With ancient wisdom and seasonal transformation at the heart, Emily guides the group through storytelling, meditation, and drumming. Check out this group -- it's the soul food you've been hungering for."

- Lisa, artist, and mother in Marin

"Connected. Grounded. Warm. Respected. Embraced. Centered. Valued. Cared for. Seen. Just a few words to describe how I feel in Emily's group. Her group is an amazing opportunity to connect with other women and share our inner experience together. She is organized, thoughtful, present, insightful and knows how to connect with each woman in the group. I appreciate how seamlessly she guides us from sharing to meditation to journeying in the most connected, meaningful way. I feel deeply grateful to Emily because she provides me with an opportunity to slow down, connect, and go deeper. I leave feeling centered, refreshed, peaceful, and hopeful."

- Lauren, Mill Valley

Inspiration. Encouragement. Community. Nature.
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