Groups and Classes

I offer ongoing and periodic groups and workshops designed to deepen the relational skills we need for times of radical change.

Current groups include:

Collapse and Climate Groups

We are in a time of epochal change.

These are radically uncertain and transformational times; full of endings and the inklings of new beginnings.

We are being called to strengthen our relationship to ourselves; deep imagination; community; and the living world-- and to put our values and beliefs into action.

I offer community and ritual spaces, in person and online, for folks to gather and

Share what’s in their hearts.
Learn about collapse.
Deepen innate capacities for staying with the trouble of these times.
Grieve with one another.
Create beauty through ritual, song, movement, story and altarwork.
Build and strengthen networks of mutual aid and support.
Get clear on their values and commitments that support those values through action in the world.

I am a trained facilitator of Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects and Francis Weller’s approach to grief. I often incorporate practices from these elders as it fits the needs of the group.

As Francis says, “The only way out is through. The only way through is together.”
Let’s do this together.

To sign up for a group or learn more, book a free 20-minute consultation today.