Ecotherapy & Ecopsychology

You are nature.

You are made from the same stuff as the stars, the lichen, the moss, the river, the woodpecker, the coyote.

We long to root down and bear fruitful lives that will nourish ourselves and others. Yet we live in a culture deeply disconnected from the natural processes of our planet. This disconnection produces anxiety and isolation, and a desolate feeling of emptiness and not-enoughness.

We forget what we really are

Reconnecting with outer nature connects us to inner wholeness. It weaves us back into an ancient and powerful relationship: supporting and being supported by the intelligence of life.

This relationship has the potential to heal and transform, bringing us into balance inside ourselves and with the world in which we live.

Spending time with the natural world encourages and strengthens our connections to the wildness and diversity inside of us.

Creating rituals to connect with the land and the more than human beings we share this planet with invites us home to ourselves and our place in the world.

Come home
to your true nature

I offer individual and group outdoor sessions, group gatherings, and guided educational and/or therapeutic hikes in the North of the Bay Area.

In addition to outdoor sessions, I regularly bring nature into the Zoom room and depending on the context of our work together, often offer nature-based rituals or practices that support what you are working with.

What to expect in an outdoor session

Sessions in nature are deeply healing and often bring clients to major realizations or moments of transformation.

I offer outdoor sessions as short-term therapeutic sessions or as part of longer term deeper therapeutic work.



Our sessions will be a combination of preparation that we will do over Zoom beforehand; and of being spontaneously open to what nature brings into our time.

We will prepare together over several sessions before going outdoors to create a strong and safe relational container. The prep work we do will enable you to sink more deeply into your experience in nature and will allow me to hold space with more clarity around the issues you are wanting help with.


On the Land

On the land you will build a deeper relationship with yourself through deepening your relationship with the more than human world.

I offer a variety of practices that support this, including :

finding a spot to sit and pay attention
deep listening to the natural world
opening your senses
getting to know the plants and animals that make the area home
speaking with the land
practicing reciprocity with nature beings

I may offer a ritual, practice or ceremony that supports the issue you are working with.



Whether our work is mostly outdoors, or one or two sessions, integration is an important part of enabling the experience to get into your cells and really create change.. I offer integration sessions where we deeply process what happened and make connections and develop actions that support your life goals.



Sessions with me take into account the whole person, or group of persons, as well as the history and present of the land we are on.

Each person and group has different access needs and different experiences with nature and the outdoors.

The time, place and context of our sessions will be developed in partnership with you or your group. The time-frame ranges anywhere from 90 minutes to half- or whole day.

I am committed to inclusivity. If there are access needs that you have, let me know and we will find a way.

To know more about how ecotherapy might help you, book a free 20-minute consultation today.

Land Acknowledgement and Rematriation

In reconnecting to the earth of the body, it is essential to restore sovereignty to the body of the earth. Restoring lands to their ancestral peoples is the bedrock of this practice..

Our land-based sessions are nourished by the stolen ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok peoples in what is called Marin County, California. The Coast Miwok people, forcibly removed from their lands through genocide and the California mission project, are alive and flourishing today, and are actively working for the return of their lands.

To learn more and offer reciprocity, visit,