Collapse Aware Therapy

These are unprecedented and evolutionary times.

Whatever is happening in your life, it is happening in the context of radical uncertainty and change.

To meet these times with our full selves, we must become deeper, wider, and wilder than we have allowed ourselves to be.

It takes courage to really look, really feel, what’s happening.

It takes courage to act on what you see and feel.

Neurodiverse and Highly Sensitive people are often on the sensing and feeling front lines of these difficult and uncertain times. They need a therapist that gets it and can hold brave and transformative space for challenging material.

Many clients find me for help with the following

Loneliness and isolation from feeling what others would rather not
Climate trauma
Ecological and earth grief
Fear for the future
Relationship loss around differing values
Hopelessness and helplessness
Grief and rage
Burn out and numbness
Re-imagining and aligning life to fit changing values
And more…

if any of these sound familiar, collapse aware therapy offers a way through.

Part of our work will include creating a safe space to explore and unwind the ways that systems of power, supremacy and oppression have impacted you and your relationship to yourself, others and the world around you.

You will learn how to interrupt your conditioned responses and replace them with practices and relationships that support your flourishing and the flourishing of all of life.

There is no “fix.”

There is an invitation to create a meaning and beauty from the life you have been given.

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