About Me


Hi, I'm Emily

They / Them / She

I support people online throughout California to deepen their capacities to be with inner and outer intensity while staying in connection with themselves, others and the earth.

In addition to online therapy, I offer ecotherapy and nature-based sessions to people and groups in the North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

For more than a decade I have focused my work on earth-based approaches to supporting highly sensitive and neurodivergent people of all walks of life with a special focus on trauma healing and collective liberation.

I am white bodied. My ancestors are rooted here on Turtle Island and the European continent. I am an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation with most of my ancestry coming from Ireland, Sweden, and The British Isles.

I am and will always be in active recovery and understanding of the stories and histories of my people, both as colonizers, and those who were colonized.

I am queer and non-binary, autistic/ADHD, with lived experience of cPTSD. I am also the parent of an autistic/ADHD, trans teen who lives with chronic pain and other disabilities. I learned about my own neurodivergence in middle age, as I was learning about and learning to support my teen.

Leaving “normal” is an ongoing journey in our home.

My values are aligned with the neurodiversity paradigm, disability justice and abolitionist movements, earth justice, anti-racism and anti-capitalism, indigenous sovereignty and liberation psychology. My life is grounded in a healthy attachment to Mystery and a felt spiritual connection with the intelligence of life as it moves through all things.

I am a climate and collapse-aware therapist. I believe that much of what each of us is experiencing is rooted in our collective experience of the breakdowns and potential breakthroughs of these times.

Before becoming a therapist I spent nearly 20 years in the tech industry, and have lived experience of both the challenge and liberation of leaving what I was told I was “supposed” to want and instead following my heart and intuition to a life dedicated to healing the earth of our bodies and the body of the earth.

I am passionate about helping late-identified neuroqueer humans of all types understand their neurotype and create a life approach that supports their needs and enables their gifts to shine.

I grew up in Southern California and currently live on the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok people in Marin. The plants, animals and humans of these lands are my home and family.

Nature is my first family and greatest teacher. I am forever learning from the more-than-human beings I share this life with. I love foraging and making medicines and food from local and regional plants, especially the weedy ones, and the ones that are often overlooked.

My heart belongs to tiny places: mossy crevices and lichen-covered stones, rodent holes and spiderwebs. I can often be found on my knees next to a lichen, animal track or spiderweb, or simply giving gratitude to this generous earth.

I love poetry (writing and reading), science fiction, ritual and ceremony, aikido, geeking out on collapse, and how we as a species might make it through or not, good fantasy, bad jokes, and hanging out with my teen and our multi-species family of animals, plants and people.

Formal Education and Training


I earned my degree at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, and did postgraduate training in ecopsychology at the Holos Institute in San Francisco. I have completed additional training in neurobiological and embodied practices for working with trauma as it shows up in individuals and groups as well as extensive training in facilitating deep and transformational group work related to collapse and climate change. Teachers and mentors in this area include Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects, Francis Weller, Malidoma Somé, and Báyò Akómaláfé, among many others.

I am an active participant and serve in the role of Northern California State Coordinator for the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America (CPA-NA), helping to address the mental health dimensions of the climate and ecological crisis in the West.

As a lifelong learner and independent student of life, I am always growing in my capacity to understand and embody what it means to be an earthling at the edge of epochal change.

Land Acknowledgement

My work and life is nourished by the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok peoples in what is called Marin County, California. The Coast Miwok people, who were forcibly removed from their lands through genocide and the California mission project, are alive and flourishing today, and are actively working for the return of their lands. I gratefully support their efforts with a percentage of fees from my therapy practice. To learn more and offer reciprocity, visit, https://www.coastmiwokofmarin.org/.