You Are Deeper, Wider,
& Wilder Than You Know

Therapy for Neurodivergent and Highly Sensitive People throughout California


Hi, I'm Emily

They / Them / She

Normal has always been too small for you and you're done trying to squeeze yourself into that teeny tiny box.

Sound about right?

If so, you're in the right place.

As a queer, multiply neurodivergent therapist, I am passionate about helping people who experience the world with intensity and sensitivity find refuge, get resourced, and become resilient in the midst of challenging times.

You deserve all of you.

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How I Help

& Highly Sensitive People

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Nature thrives when diversity is present. Being in the natural world invites you to connect to a wider wisdom and deeper rhythm. Come home to your true nature.
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Collapse Aware Therapy

Get support sorting through your thoughts and feelings and uncovering what matters most to you in the midst of challenging times.
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