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Holistic psychotherapy and ecotherapy
in the Bay Area and online throughout California

Holistic Therapy

You deserve a life you love. If patterns of mental and emotional pain are keeping you from a life of vitality, joy, and meaning, holistic therapy can help you find freedom.

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Highly Sensitive People

You experience things more deeply than others. You see what others miss. This makes life a little more intense. Maybe you’ve been told that you’re “too sensitive.” Therapy can help you understand your unique gifts and learn to thrive as a sensitive person.

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Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology

You are nature. Whether it’s in your backyard or in the wilderness, connecting with nature helps your body, brain and nervous system rebalance and heal.

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Connection heals. Groups offer support along the path of self-discovery and provide an opportunity to establish deeper, more meaningful connections to yourself, and others in a safe and supportive environment.

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“May you find the path which will lead you to the highest and truest of yourself.”

-  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin -


Hi, I'm Emily

I believe that you were born with a unique gift, or personal “medicine” to offer the world. Our culture of commodification does not value these gifts, and in fact actively shuts them down. So you forgot...

but not all the way…

What if your symptoms are trailheads, leading you towards your deepest self, where your “medicine” resides? I believe that they are. I’m here to help guide you on the path home to your true nature.

Find out more about me on my about page.

Inspiration. Encouragement. Community. Nature.
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